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Salted Fish And Pork Belly In Clay Pot


1/2 tbsp light soya sauce

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp oyster sauce

1 tsp dark soya sauce

1 tbsp shaoxing wine

100ml water


  1. Heat up 1 tbsp oil, saute salted fish and dried chili at low heat until fragrant.
  2. Add in ginger, onion, pork belly and stir well. Add in    seasoning, stir well and cook for 3 minutes until meat is tender.
  3. Heat up a clay pot, add in 1 tbsp oil and saute spring onion until fragrant. Add in pork belly mixture, 1 tbsp shaoxing wine and cover the lid. Simmer for another 1-2 minutes until   fragrant. Serve immediately.


1 tbsp oil, 50g salted fish diced 

5 dried chili, cut into 3cm length

15 slices ginger, 1 union , sliced

300g pork belly, sliced thinly

1 tbsp oil

3 stalks spring onion, cut into 3cm length


  1. Chill meat in the fridge until slightly firm for easy slicing into thin slices.
  2. Use "Mui Hiong" salted fish for better flavour.