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About De Luxe Circle Fresh Mart

De Luxe Circle Fresh Mart is in the retail business and we are strategically positioned in most of the major districts in the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia.

We have an over-the-counter sales of fresh pork, which was produced by our sister companies, De Luxe Circle (DLC), and processed products by Wonderful Circle (WLC), under the brand name of Hong Qiao.

Our pork meat products are produced under the strictest of control and quality. Both DLC and WLC are certified with the Veterinary Health Mark (VHM) of Malaysia. While DLC manufacturing management system is certified following the HACCP standards.

De Luxe Circle Fresh Marts are clean and bright and our uniformed service personnel are always delighted to serve our customers attentively.

Besides fresh and processed meat products, we also offer the convenience of a supermarket with a variety of food such as seafood, vegetables, groceries, rice, etc. Moreover, our operating hours are usually longer than conventional pork sellers and wet markets; this provides an opportunity for working people to patronize our stores at their convenience.

At De Luxe Circle Fresh Mart, we continuously strive to provide a one-stop shopping convenience to address the culinary needs of our modern and busy customers’ lifestyles.