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About De Luxe Circle (M) Sdn Bhd

De Luxe Circle as Southern Malaysia largest pork sales center, has accumulated decades of experience in this industry, deeply empathizes the consumers’ woes on food choices, and therefore we have never been inattentive nor thoughtless in our Pork sales and processing, thus allowing our consumers to consume at ease and with delight.

De Luxe Groups was founded on November 15, 1994. In the past 19 years, we are honored to garner the coordination and cooperation from our associates and supporters and gradually developed into the area's largest supplier of pork products in Malaysia. We are also the first pork processing plant to be bestowed the internationally acclaimed HACCP (food safety hazard analysis and critical control point) and the Malaysian Veterinary Council (VHM) certifications, these are testaments of our recognitions.

As a pronounced Pork sales center, we are aware of the need for betterment and a far-reaching development plan in this traditional business hence in addition to the establishment of an effectual branding, we are showcasing our unique characteristics, attention is given to product quality and safety. There is an even more important emphasis and as a matter of principle, we always place the needs and interests of our customers first with steadfast determination and stance. Without the enthusiastic support and acceptance from our customers, there will be no De Luxe Circle!

From the humble beginning of our founder pedaling on bicycle for delivery, the later introduction of small fleet of lorry, and the gradual mass transformation in 1994, this founding period and the accumulated experience are ours to cherish and to be proud of.

With our extensive hands-on experience in this industry, De Luxe Groups not only meet the market demands, provide more and larger sales and service centers but also accentuate the importance and understanding of consumers’ psychological burdens and impediments arising from the purchase and consumption of pork.

In our principle of safeguarding resolutely to the safety and health of the consumers, De Luxe Groups will never allow the slightest of defects, vagueness and lapses in processing and to pledge the utmost credibility and guarantee in our brand, hygiene, freshness, safety and health. We relentlessly perform up to expectations to win our customer trust, acceptance and support so as to achieve mutual benefits and a win win goal.

In order to excel holistically, De Luxe Circle invested heavily in highly professional and the most comprehensive advanced facilities with the use of new technology, methodology and reliable expertise to create the best synergies. It is with this practical approach that we provide a high standard of service quality in the industry.

We believed that every savvy consumer would be particularly concerned about the food quality, origins and sources, especially its manufacturing process when selecting any kinds of foodstuff; similarly, in our procurement process, we would also first cast doubt on whether the livestock have been fed with Beta Agonist agent and that the slaughtering process complies with the required safety and health standards.

De Luxe Circle only sells high quality pork derived from healthy livestock hence we have to apply very stringent procurement processes and procedures. Our suppliers must first be SALT Standard certified and subject to the following important prerequisites:

  • Accredited and qualified farm
  • Hygiene and cleanliness in rearing facilities and infrastructures
  • Fed with superior feed and strictly Beta Agonist Free
  • Conducive environment for livestock growth
  • Fixed schedule on health examination and passing health inspection

Upon successful completion of the stringent evaluation on standards and conformance, only quality livestock that measure up to the desired standards is being procured from the farm; at the same time, to enforce compliance, livestock farms must also adhere uncompromisingly that:

  • All the acquired pigs have been approved by the Veterinary Authority of Malaysia (DVS)
  • All the pigs have been examined satisfactorily by the Veterinary Authority of Malaysia (DVS)
  • All healthy pigs are to be slaughtered by qualified abattoir

Apart from meeting the above-mentioned rigorous requirements, to further affirm that slaughtered livestock have indeed achieved high quality standard, De Luxe Circle will also enlist professional to conduct comprehensive examination repeatedly to determine the non-existence of residues or additives prior to the cutting process.

Besides being thorough with exact precautionary measures, De Luxe Groups, which is headquartered at Taman Tan Sri Yaacob uses low-temperature refrigerated cutting factory, also imposes a strict quarantine system to safeguard meat freshness, hygiene and safety standards. We are the first and the leading company in adapting world class advanced  ”cold chain production”, “cold chain transportation”,  “cold chain selling” and “cold chain storage” systems in Malaysia.

This pioneered the assurance of a new key safety perspective where production, processing, transportation and marketing processes are managed in a sanitized and low temperature environment that completely eliminates microbial existence and contamination to achieve the meat conditioning effect. The resulting conditioned meat will be extremely fresh, hygienic, safeand fit for human consumption.

In order to conform absolutely to the standard of zero contamination, the procedure in meat conditioning occupies a very significant role:

  • Professional and stringent quality control
  • Rapid freeze in enclosed and germ-free refrigeration between 0˚c to 4˚c to retain the moisture and freshness
  • Control the acidity of the carcasses to prevent microbial breeding
  • In meat conditioning, the enzyme effectively promotes transformation of meat protein into amino acids, adding to the meat's flavour and nutrition
  • During the meat conditioning or aging process, the amylase catalyses the breakdown of starch into sugar, transforming glycogen and glucose into lactic acid, thus tenderizing the meat's connective tissues and produced the conditioned meat. Due to changes in fibre structure, the meat becomes soft and delicate, flexible, easy to cook and bake, palatable and delicious. This enhances nutrient absorption and utilization efficiency in the body, which is particularly beneficial for post-surgery.

The operating environment of our cutting plant is isolated and disinfected meticulously. Outsiders are strictly prohibited from entry. The company introduced world class technologically advanced cutting equipment, cold storages and further processing techniques. Trained professionals perform precision cutting, further processing and packaging within a closed and sanitized environment together with the use of "cold chain transportation” by delivering fresh pork to key businesses, restaurants and retail stations.

The entire sales process, from the farm to the table is safeguarded against oversight and to ensure the pork is completely eliminated from microbial growth, maintaining almost zero contamination, freshness and authenticity. This allows consumer to purchase with confidence and a peace of mind to enjoy a healthy and safe product.

Within the plant, sliced fresh pork is immediately and properly handled by storing in low temperature. Our products are subjected to batch ID numbering management system where any complaints can be traced through the batch IDs to determine the original supply point and to restrain the source of the problem and the phenomenon. By using effective steps on problem solving, and to focus on future preventive measures to suppress any reoccurrences, we protect the health and interests of our consumers.

In order to expand our services and to nurture our close relationships with the consumers, the sales division has a roasted department to regularly supply roasted meat products to the various distributors and the food and beverage industry. Apart from our series of reputable traditional roasted products such as Roasted Pork, Char Siew, Roasted sausages, Roasted bones, we also accept Roasted Whole Pig order.

In recent years, the Groups also launched the well-received roasted packages and ala carte items such as roasted chicken and roasted duck to satisfy festivity needs. Our well liked packaging is elegantly presented, conveniently bundled and hygienically packaged. This is a thumb up choice for our new generation of customers.

With the strong support of the consumers and people from all walks of life, our businesses thrived from Johor State and extended to other parts of the country. In order to ensure customers were served with top quality conditioned meat, each day, our chilled trucks will timely deliver the fresh pork products to the pork wholesalers in the whole of Malaysia, our De Luxe Fresh Marts and other retail stations. This provided our customers with the most convenient and prompts services.

Golden Bull Award 2006 CERT. NO.: MY07/0406 EST. NO.: 148