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De Luxe Groups’ Subsidiary Companies:

De Luxe Circle (M) Sdn Bhd

Wonderful Circle Food Industrial Sdn Bhd

De Luxe Circle Fresh Mart (Managed by Priority Fresh Sdn Bhd)

Macizo Enterprise (M) Sdn Bhd

People often say: "My health, I decide!". This explained the general increase in the health awareness among the people.They particularly valued food of high-quality, which meets health and safety standards with the emphasis on eating clean, devouring and consuming at ease, healthily and nutritiously without adverse consequences or a sequela.
It is being highly cautious, vigilant and sober-minded prior on making a choice on food that allows one to derive at a wise decision to avoid costly mistake and to regret later!

The De Luxe Groups recognises its responsibilities and obligations to the society and consumers. Not only do we want to serve the community by providing the best, the healthiest, the most hygienic and safest quality product, we must also necessitate an extreme cautiousness to conscientiously implement, strengthen quality management and supervision, to convince that our products are safe to consume and to meet consumer requirements and expectations!

The close relationship between businesses and consumers has been mutually influencing and affecting each other. Enterprises should continue its efforts to progress and to prosper under the scrutiny and support of the consumers. Our principle of "the customer is always first", and the belief “to treat customers with sincerity" will inspire us to continuously strive for perfection while we progress.

By not being complacent in satisfying our customers, we do not forget their credit and contribution!

De Luxe Groups will uphold its entrepreneurial core value for the future with the notion that:
"Innovation, Quality, Safety”

  • Innovation - never give up the quest for new technology, research and development!
  • Quality - refusal to produce junk food, guarantee the best and back to basic nutrition!
  • Safety - guarantee zero contamination, safeguard hygiene, health and safety!

"My health, I decide!"

The choice of a harmless, healthy and satisfactory product resides in your hands!

Everyone can enjoy fresh taste.

D: Development
- Developing an excellent team.

L: Leadership
- To be the leader in the industry.

G: Green
- Go Green.

Core Values
6Cs’ Values

  1. Conviction: Attitude
  2. Creativity: Product
  3. Consciousness: Customer
  4. Commitment: Service
  5. Cohesiveness: Team
  6. Contentment: Staff