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The Lims’ founded the Pork business. A humble beginning as a peddler, followed by hawking by motorcycling. Subsequently, street vending with the use of a van.


Transformed the street vending approach by commencing business in a shop lot within an established Chinese community at Skudai and named the business as “Ming Wah (明华)”.


A year after the completion of Pasar TUTA at Skudai, Founder Lim shifted his business venue there and occupied 2 stalls, numbered 8 & 9.


The inauguration of De Luxe Circle (M) Sdn Bhd at Skudai Baru spelled the end of the traditional business operating model and becoming the first small scale enclosed cutting plant in the entire Johor Bahru.


The cutting plant expanded from 2 shop lots size to 4 and continue to grow to a size of 5 shop lots at the later stage.


Wonderful Circle Sdn Bhd was formed, which manufactured frozen processed food under the Hong Qiao brand name and the maiden launch of “Hong Qiao Taiwanese Style Sausages”.


Innovation at its best with the introduction of the original “Hong Qiao Almond BBQ Pork”, a breakthrough beside using pure meat to make traditional BBQ Pork.


The emphasis on food safety by investing heavily on the Malaysia first all-low-temperature cold storage factory of 60,000 square feet by incorporating, cutting, processing and selling under one roof at Taman Tan Sri Yaccob.


Awarded the Malaysia Golden Bull award for most outstanding SME.


Awarded the internationally acclaimed HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) substantiation by world leading certification company, SGS in food management and safety systems.


Priority Fresh Shd Bhd was launched and specialized in managing “De Luxe Fresh Mart” retail stores. Originally focused in retailing pork related products, and later expanded its offering by selling predominately fresh products to the end consumers.


Awarded the renown VHM certification by Department of Veterinary Services of Malaysia.


Macizo Enterprise Sdn Bhd was established, focusing on wholesale business of fresh fruits, vegetables, dry foods and groceries thus expanding our group business scope.

The 12th De Luxe Fresh Mart at Johor Jaya was opened.