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About Hong Qiao

When Hong Qiao was founded in the earlier days, it specialized in the production of Taiwanese style sausages.

It features an alluring sweetness and possesses unique spices and flavor. It is also the most favored traditional snack found at Taiwan night markets. Master Chef Miao has a passion and he believes that this traditional snack would flourish in overseas. He brought with him a 30 years traditional secret recipe and arrived in Malaysia.

By coincidence, De Luxe Groups’ founder, Mr. Lim Kim Wah hits it off with Master Chef Miao and they established the Wonderful Circle Food Industrial Sdn Bhd.

The continuity of the "Hong Qiao" (literally means Rainbow Bridge) brand is to epitomize the unity in the pursuance of a vibrant and high quality meat product and to pioneer the introduction of Taiwanese style sausages in the Malaysian Market.

With this new synergy and careful management, Hong Qiao continues to innovate and produce exclusive and quality meat product of the highest distinction.

In pursuit of excellence, we continue to create new flavors, adding new taste and excitement into the traditional snack.

"Essence Inheritance and Always Good Taste" is Hong Qiao's guiding principle in branding direction. The emphasis is in the use of high quality and fresh ingredients, in addition to the exquisiteness in production, delivered the distinctive lusciousness in food.

Being the first in Malaysia in creating the unprecedented “Hong Qiao Almond BBQ meat" has always make us proud.

Not only it is a breakthrough in making traditional pure-meat BBQ pork, the shredded almonds covering the meat when amalgamated with the mastery in bakery, it resulted in a crispy biscuit-like feel, which extraordinarily stimulating the taste buds and emit the sensation of absolute happiness and prosperity, which makes it the most popular product at our stores!

Our Founder advocates that "you do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire", if the product cannot get pass our scrutiny, it must not be sold to our customers.

Being truthful to this belief and conscience until today, we incessantly adhere to this most important objective in our food manufacturing.

We believe that delicious food comes from the freshest ingredients. Be it in the procurement of raw materials, the hygiene management and quality control, we uphold a very stringent operating model consistently. Constitute with the implementation of the internationally acclaimed HACCP and VHM food safety and health standards, these shaped our company's corporate spirit and reputation positively and in assuring the consumers to purchase and to consume with a peace of mind.

Hongqiao Mascot ~ Fuwa (Doll of Blessing)

Gender: An Adorable Girl

Personality: A Glutton, Vivacious, Optimistic, Creative, Love to Look Pretty

Characteristics: Floral Head Dress

Preferences: Tasting Cate/ Creative Cooking

EST. NO.: 148